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All Things Spinning Interview with Cody Mayfield of Upsidedown Works

1. Tell us about yourself a bit, where you from, what’s your day job, what’s your passion other than tops. 

Cody: From Anchorage Alaska, lived in Boston area for 10 years after high school then moved back to Alaska.

Cody: I like making things but have the conflicting traits of being very focused with a short attention span so tops are a good fit with the time and concentration it takes to make one and the somewhat objective measurement of quality with spin time and quality over other items that rely on subjective ascetics as a measure of quality.

2. When did you start doing what you do? Pls tell us what was the first product you made and sold?

Cody: The summer of 2013 I started making tops and started selling hem in the fall.

3. What’s your full time job? What’s the reason keep you from being full time making tops if you don’t mind me asking. 

Cody: Surveyor, I own part of a company that installs and maintains temporary ocean level monitoring stations as a federal government contractor. Would have to make a whole lot of tops a week to do it full time.

4. What is your current EDC items? Let’s do a pocket dump photo please! 

Cody: Two knives, Munroe or Hinderer folder, Krein ground slip joint, leatherman, bright custom flashlight (Mac, McGizmo, Oveready), TAD RUT, adjustable wrench, multi screwdriver.

Cody Mayfield EDC gear

5. Do you have any other hobby? Is it related to EDC or tops? 

Cody: I collect knives and other edc stuff but  it very actively, lots of hobbies but no time for the between work and tops.

6. What was the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced during your products development? Tell us how you created your style, your own combo metals, your own designs, etc. 

Cody: Biggest challenge is not giving up when things don’t work. Think my style starts with not wanting them to look machined, with tooling marks or traditional angles and then I try to always make something that I wouldn’t be disappointed to find in my mailbox.

7. What is your favorite metal? What metal do you hate the most? Pls tell us why and any stories about your reason if it’s cool. 

Cody: Too many to pick one, I like damascus a lot, but others as well, think it’s more about making the shape complement the pattern or material and pairing materials the contrast each other without being too busy or muddled (you can have too much of a ‘good’ or rare thing).

8. Do you have a word for the up and coming collectors and new makers? Any suggestions you’d like to share? 

Cody: Collectors have it tough and easy with so many makers around it’s hard to follow them all  but there almost has to be some design out there for everyone

Makers have it tough so much has been don’t already dinging a unique take on something so simple could be frustrating but finding something new is that much more rewarding.

9. Once in awhile, we see ppl copying other makers’ design(by accident or intentionally), metal combos and such. What do you see in this topic and what would be your opinion about this? 

Cody: Standing at the lathe is isn’t hard to cut out a shape that turns out to be similar to another makers work with no premeditation.

Very few have gone out of their way to copy unique to one maker design, which seams to make sense to some collectors that just want one, maybe not realizing that it is bad for the community first with the drama created and possibly with the reduced value of the design.

Ultimately it weaken the whole industry, as it has become what it is by the self imposed originality of the makers has forced more innovation and kept it from becoming dozens of people marking the same thing like some other edc items.

10. What would be your next shop integration? 

Cody: Like new equipment? Maybe a bigger lathe.

11. What is your inspiration coming from? Who is the most influence in your maker’s career? 

Cody: Does it sound bad to say myself? I always want to try to do better than what I have done in the past.

All of the other makers and customers have helped as well inspiring me to try new things when the market could support me making as much of the same thing over and over as fast as I can.

12. Pls tell us one of your favorite project or projects that was mesmerizing and unique. I’m very curious what kind of ideas that were brought to you and wanted you to put in the reality. 

Cody: The biggest idea brought to me was the UFO design that was a custom order by Jeff Goad early on. Maintain a love hate with the design, it is the most requested shape so it can be a battle to keep it fresh with tweaks and materials mostly to keep it interesting and challenging for me.

13. will you be attending the top con this year? 

Cody: Not likely with my real work schedule

14. Do you like music? What’s the music that you blast when you’re working? What’s your fav band?

Cody: Lots of Tool and Pussifer lately, if anything I run audio books while working if not getting so hammered with PM’s I can’t follow the story 😉

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