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Dynamic Inertia Tops

All Things Spinning – Gavin Sexton/ Dynamic Inertia Tops

1. Tell us about yourself a bit, where you from, what’s your day job, what’s your passion other than tops(or just your products)

Gavin: I’m from a small Atlanta suburb called Flowery Branch. My day job used to be photography of all sorts as well as working at the family used car lot. I’ve always had an artistic side. Photography was a great outlet for that for many years. I’m a huge outdoor guy. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, etc.

2. When did you start doing what you do?

Gavin: I started top making on 9-15-15. I had been collecting tops since March of 2015, and decided to take the maker plunge at the end of October.

3. I heard you just turned full time making tops.   What’s the reason for you to make this decision?

Gavin: I decided to go full time based on two reasons.  One, I hate working for other people.  Two, I’m making more than I’ve ever made while working less weekly hours than ever.

4. What is your current EDC items?  Let’s do a pocket dump photo please!

Gavin: Currently, a pocket dump photo would consist of my Todd Begg Steelcraft Bodega, a DLC TiBolt, DIT basketweave begleri, burt bees chapstick, a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, and a LG G5.  That been the rotation for about 3 weeks now.

5. Do you have any other hobby?  Is it related to EDC or tops?

Gavin: My other hobbies stem from my passion for outdoors.  Basically any type of outdoor adventure type activity is my hobby.

6. What was the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced during your products development?  Tell us how you created your style, your own combo metals, your own designs, etc.

Gavin: The biggest challenge I ran into at the start was knurling.  The tool I had was sloppy and caused me to bend/tweak many stems, thus creating wobblers. My style just sort of happened. Looking back a early tops, you could see hints of my current style here and there.  But back then I struggled to use the machine to portray what vision I had in my head.

7. What is your favorite metal?  What metal do you hate the most?  Pls tell us why and any stories about your reason if it’s cool.

Gavin: Timascus is my favorite for several reason.  It machine GREAT! The cuts are always nice and clean and require minimal finish work.  Plus its freakin gorgeous once flamed! And honestly, I’m not a big fan of copper.  It just gets dirty way too fast.

8. Do you have a word for the up and coming collectors and new makers?  Any suggestions you’d like to share?

Gavin: For a new maker I’d say “Make a ton of simple stuff so you can understand what makes a good spinner.” To collectors, I’d say to buy a lot of things if you can.  Get at least one top from many different makers, then sell off what you like less.

9. What do you see this Top community in 5 and 10 years?

Gavin: I hope the top community continues to grow. Maybe not to the scale of the knife world though.

10. Once in awhile, we see ppl copying other makers’ design(by accident or intentionally), metal combos and such.   What do you see in this topic and what would be your opinion about this?

Gavin: I think material combos being similar from one maker to the next is acceptable.  We all source metals from many of the same places. It’s going to happen. But once tops start looking similar that’s where the issues come in.  Some basic shapes are just going to be similar, we do all work with circles as it is… I’ve seen a few copies that have made me furious.  I’ve personally, but privately, called out some new makers on copies.  Even if they weren’t copies of my work.  Thankfully I haven’t seen or been notified of any one copying my style.

My new shop is going to be the same as I currently have, just bigger, and with one extra lathe,  a PM 1127 VF-F.  I’ll be using all the same tooling as before.  Oh, and I’ll have heating and A/C in there! WOO!  Probably a mini fridge full of beer as well!

11. What is your inspiration coming from?   Who is the most influence in your maker’s career?

Gavin: Most of my creativity comes from within really.  Tops have become a HUGE creative outlet for me. The most influential/helpful makers have been Rich Stadler, Ray Diaz and Joshua Dawson.

12. I know you are also a professional photographer, tell us a little about this and where can we see your work?

Gavin: Yep photography…. Okay so in highschool I really took on photography as a hobby and decided to go to college for it.  I graduated with a degree in commercial photography and digital imaging. For the next year or so I freelanced taking jobs all over and also working for myself.  But in todays industry it’s very easy to get undercut from less talented photographers.  Any one can buy a digital camera, push a button, and charge pennies on the dollar.  I got sick of it and found a full time job at an ad agency called Adventure Advertising.  I worked there for 2 year as director of photography. A few of our big clients were Exmark, Zman Finshing, Lowrance Electronics, Carolina Skiff, Real Tree and many more.  I really enjoyed the job. We traveled a ton and all our clients were in line with my passion for outdoors.  We had 2 kegs of craft been on tap at all time and I had many great friends I worked with.  But nearing the end of my time there, the 3 partners of the company started changing direction of the company a bit.  I started spending way to much time in office because we weren’t traveling much.  I got BORED! The creative outlet was gone. So I quit, free lanced some, but mainly helped out at the family car lot.

13. I know you like beer, what’s the top 5 go-to beer on your list?

Gavin: Top 5 beer! Woo! Currently….. Wicked Weeds Hop Burglar, Wicked Weeds Pernicious, Cedar Creek Dankosarus, Tree House Doppleganger, Wicked Weeds Freak of Nature.

14. Do you like music?   What’s the music that you blast when you’re working?

Gavin: My music tastes is pretty broad. I love metal, folk, dubstep, alternative.  Basically anything except country, jazz, and rap.

15. Do you snack while you work?   Do you allow family member to help or being on the sideline to cheer you up?   I saw maker has shop monkey or shop dogs but what about you?

Gavin: I don’t really eat in the shop. At most I’ll have water near by, haha. If any family or friends want to come help, watch or create I’m all for it. Usually both of our dogs are in the garage or out in the yard while I’m on the lathe.

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