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Joshua Dawson Gallery

Nate Gilman
March 10, 2017

Joshua started making tops in January 2014 after collecting for a short period of time. After three years and notoriety within the top community Joshua still enjoys making tops. “It’s still as exciting as the first day I brought home my metal lathe,” said Joshua. “I love taking raw materials and crafting it into something truly unique that people all over the world enjoy.”

Joshua is 45 years old and lives in a small town just outside of St. Louis. When asked when he first began to appreciate well-crafted items Joshua explains, “My affinity for finely crafted items began in the early 90’s when I worked in a bicycle shop and was exposed to custom made bicycles. I was in awe of the details and flawless construction.” This interest in “finely crafted items” has led Joshua to collect watch and knives but more importantly for the top community ensuring every piece he makes is of the upmost quality.

When asked to empty his pockets to see what EDC items Joshua has on him he did not disappoint. Joshua said, “My current EDC gear consists of a Todd Rexford Mini-Epicenter, Todd Rexford R.U.T. and an HDS Rotary Flashlight all adorned with my own custom lanyard beads. I usually have a random top or two in the pocket as well.” Aside from EDC items Joshua spends time training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Like so many others Joshua is amazed at how big the top community has become. When Joshua was asked what advice he would have for new makers he said, “My best advice is to strive to be original and pay attention to details. Ensure each piece is finished to the highest level.” Joshua also credits most of the established makers with working hard to develop their own style. Joshua’s drive comes from his collector base. He said, “My inspiration comes from my collectors. I really enjoy crafting items that they appreciate and enjoy.”

Along with Tom the dog, Joshua can be found in his shop pushing himself to better learn his new CNC Lathe while listening to everything from Sturgill Simpson to Van Halen and like a few of the other top makers also listens to various books on tape.

“Tom and I are a one man one dog show,” said Joshua. “We handle every aspect of our craft, from ordering raw materials to shipping out the final product.”

Joshua’s website:

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